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Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 850

Ayurvedic soothing head massage using special oils that leaves you feeling refreshed and clear headed. Ayurvedic head massage focuses on the shoulders, neck, face and head, the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension. The head massage induces a state of calm, peace and tranquility and promotes high levels of alertness and concentration.

During the Ayurvedic Head Massage, Ayurvedic oil will be kept for a suitable period on the head of an individual. This is called Moordha taila or oiling of the head.

  • Nourishes, lubricates and strengthens the hair root and skin of the scalp preventing hair loss and premature graying.

  • Helps maintain eyesight and hearing
  • Helps to improve circulation to the head relaxing the muscle and nerve fibers.
  • Helps to refresh both the mind and the body.

  • Relieves tension and fatigue.improves circulation of spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord

  • Increases the releases of hormones and enzymes necessary for the growth of brain and relaxation of the body.

Amla, Coconut and camphor

Warming :

Amla, Ritha, Fenugreek in Mustard Oil

Hair Loss:

Japakusum and Bhringaraj oil massage

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: 950

Foot massage is called "Padabhyanga", and it has a very special place within the Ayurvedic tradition. This service includes Soak and massage of the feet The marma (vital) points are massaged which gives balance to your dosha and is very helpful for people with insomnia, fatigue and cramps.

Benefits of Ayurvedic foot massage include:
  • Helps to calm the mind
  • Helps maintain eyesight and hearing
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Improves peripheral circulation
  • Aids foot health (alleviates pain, improves muscle tone andnourishes the skin)
  • Helps prevent sciatica
  • Helps to calm and maintain the "Vata Dosha" which, when present in excess, is regarded as the major cause of illness (Dosha is the name given to a specific body temperament or energy type.)
Foot Soak and Massage :
  • Minty Footsoak and scrub and cooling massage with oil infused withcooling herbs
  • Laavanya Salt Soak and Scrub with warming foot massage with oil infused with warming herbs
  • Varnya Facial
    ( Glow and Radiance)

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: 1650

    Cleanse:Laavanya homemade cleansing milk and powder followed by radiance cream massage, steam with lavendaer Essential oil and lepa with mukha kantivardhak powder followed b toner and rosewater mist.

  • Vyanga Nashak
    ( Hyper-pigmentation)

    Duration: 70 minutes
    Price: 1850

    Cleanse:Laavanya Homemade cleansing milk and cleanser followed by deep nourishing cream massage toner and serum face pack steam with sandalwood oil

  • Yuvan Pidaka NAshak
    ( Acne)

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: 1650

    Cleanse:Laavanya Homemeade cleansing milk cleanser and lepa followed by serum massage / Kantivardhak facepack steam with laavanya acne blend essential oil

  • Valiya NAshak
    ( Anti Aging)

    Duration: 70 minutes
    Price: 1950

    Cleanse:Laavanya cleanser and cleansing milk followed by anti aging mask homemade from Laavanya Deep nourishing cream and serum massage steam with blend of sandalwood and lavendar oil face pack end with rose water mist

  • Ruksha to Mridu

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price: 1750

    • Warm oil massage
    • Laavanya homemade scrub with honey & butter Ubtan with Yogurt lepa Steam with rose oil
    • Deep nourishing cream massage Followed by toner and rose water

Skin Care Consultaion

Price: 2000
Follow up: 1/2 hour Rs 850

1 hour Consultation to educate clients on figuring out their dosha type for skin, Ayurvedic holistic techniques for obtaining and maintaining a healthy complexion, as well as providing guidance on the application techniques of skin related products such as Ubtan, Face pack oil and lotions. Our goal is to help our clients look their best with healthy, younger looking skin or to achieve a more alluring sophisticated look by using right products, diet and lifestyle choices.