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My lifelong tendency has been thin and lanky

I find having a routine in life to be challenging

My skin tends to be rough and dry, even if I don’t live in a dry, arid climate (but especially if I do)

My joints are fairly prominent

My teeth are protruded and/or crooked

My hair is kinky, curly and tends to be dry or frizzy

It is usually easy for me to lose weight and I usually have difficulty gaining weight

Usually in my life I enjoy hot weather

I tend to dislike wind

I tend to dislike dry

I have a medium build with medium bone structure

I enjoy competitive activities and enjoy physical or intellectual challenges

My teeth are medium-sized and/or a little yellow (stained doesn’t count)

I have fair skin which easily sunburns

I have a lot of moles or freckles

I am or am becoming bald, I have grayed early, or I have thin or fine hair

Chili peppers, tomatoes and spicy food in general tends to cause me digestive distress, including heartburn or stomachache or loose stools, (even if I really enjoy the taste and am attracted to these things)

I prefer a cool climate to a warm one

I dislike heat, especially humid heat and feel easily fatigued by it

I have a sharp, intelligent, aggressive mind

I have a sturdy constitution with a large bone structure

I have had a lifelong tendency to always be at least a little overweight

My teeth are naturally large, straight and white

My hair is a thick and lustrous

My eyes are large and luxurious

If given the opportunity, I can easily sleep deeply for 8-10 hours per night

I gain weight easily and have difficulty losing weight

I tend to have excess mucous

I tolerate most climates well but usually in my life I have preferred hot, dry weather

My energy and stamina are consistent. When I have a lot to do I do it at a pace that I can maintain for a long time

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